Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Liberty Science Center or what we learned last Saturday

So many great things happen when you are a mom blogger.  Because of my fortunate and fun association with the NYC Moms Blog my family and I were invited to visit the Liberty Science Center in Jersey City, New Jersey this past Saturday.  Located on the sparkling edge of the Liberty State Park we were first treated to a spectacular view of Manhattan - all because of a wrong turn by the driver (moi) - but I digress.  

Inside the newly refurbished museum - after a bizarrely thorough security check - we were invited to watch Sesame Street movie introducing kids to the moon and stars.  The show was a little young for my crew but it gave me a chance to reminisce about the toddler days while still walking out with my capable tweens.  Then we sat in for a demonstration of the amazing and remarkable qualities of liquid nitrogen.  Even Grandma - who isn't impressed by much anymore thought Katie and her show were noteworthy.  My fave:  The balloons added to a box filled with liquid nitrogen that flattened into pancakes with puddles of liquid air in the bottom.  The balloons then fully expanded back into their round, plump selves when out in the air for a minute or two.  Fascinating!

We were also lucky enough to learn about a tarantula, touch a snake - I made myself do it even tho' I truly have a snake phobia.  Then we watched an Australian Marine frog attempt an unwily escape - walking off the table at one point.  

Finally, we took in one floor of the museum where the kids rode a gyroscope, "spray-painted" graffiti and we all created "communication bubbles" on a computer screen.  We were bushed after that so decided to head home. (Yes, we got lost again! And this time the views were considerably less spectacular.)  Only later did I learn of all the amazing other exhibits - the skyscraper, the bubble creator that we'll have to go back for another time.  All in all, it was a great day and really gave me a look at a place I always meant to go but never got around to.  And, hey we all learned a little, too. 

Saturday, January 3, 2009

When This All Began . . .

I started this blog with a grand concept - talk to other women - moms who were managing to raise effective, smart, funny, loving children while having a life of their own - working at something they were passionate about that helped them feel fulfilled and satisfied in some way.  
I have lost that thread - it started to feel like I was exploiting other people's lives for blog fodder when really what I was searching for was a way to get a handle on creating a life like that for myself.  Having spent the last nine years devoting myself to "the kids" and the years before that just waiting to have "the kids" - embarrassing to admit now but I was waiting for my kids - I am aching to find that new life - that satisfying career - I just don't know how to fit into it. 

Perhaps the name of this blog is my wishful thinking then - I'm aiming to be a mom who rocks it.  But right now I'm trying to figure out how to dress my un-worked-out body in something that says serious creative person for meetings and presentations in a week and a half when all I can manage to find to fit me are black skirts that look too wide and black tops that feel too tight and I have been in a conference room twice in the last fifteen years.  HELP!