Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Sometimes Mom Needs A Little Love

I was invited to a Nintendo Wii Fit event last week at the fab Bliss Spa in the W Hotel on Lexington.  It was billed as a "mom playdate" - a chance for mom to be taken care of in her busy days leading up to the holidays.  I went because I said I would - but couldn't help thinking  I really didn't need downtime, instead, maybe I'd suggest to my dear Nintendo contact that the next event include children.  

Then I got there.  They took charge of my next two hours in the most comforting, soothing and well, even inspiring way and I realized that maybe these lovely people who put together events for mom bloggers really are doing it because they know we need a little something to reenergize us.  

First, they did my nails - which "oh my gawd!" did I need. Next, an arm massage - that was lovely but I kept aching for her to work over my shoulders, too.  Then I was treated to personal trainer instruction on the Wii Fit by - as you can imagine - an enthusiastic, informed and super-encouraging personal trainer, Ary Nunez.  I learned everything there was to know about the Wii Fit - gratefully Ary allowed my to by-pass the BMI measure in her presence - and I felt inspired to really work on getting back in shape in my own home.  Unfortunately, the auxiliary input connection on my TV is on the fritz - thus my workout program has yet to begin - really! - but I am feeling like the Wii Fit could help me get in shape while having fun with my kids and not really thinking about working out - kind of like when we were kids and managed to exercise and call it fun!