Thursday, May 8, 2008

Welcome to This Mom Rocks It

It's a bold name I've chosen for this blog and I have been schooled, like all good girls, to behave more demurely.  But as someone smart and famous once said (I paraphrase) - 'Nothing amazing has ever been accomplished by following the rules.'

What I'm hoping to set in motion with the sheer bravado of my blog title is a life lived "rockin' it" and to inspire others to do the same. Because (let me again grab my dictionary of quotations):  
"I CAME TO LIVE OUT LOUD." - Emile Zola.  
I think we all did.  But I get down, I worry, I feel insecure, and it is those times I look to the mothers around me for inspiration.  If someone has done it, is doing it, whatever "it" is, then my dreams seem all the more possible to me.  

So my intention with this blog is twofold:  first to inspire by celebrating moms who rock and second to inform and entertain by exploring amazing - or mundane but fun - things to do to keep rockin' this life with kids!  (Okay, enough with the rockin' reference snarks my inner critic.)